Whitemud Park - South Trail

I began my hike in the evening, at approximately 8:00pm. My wife Kerry accompanied me. We wanted to take advantage of the evening light, and I’m glad we did.

Whitemud Park, July 2014
Breadcrumbs left for the birds

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Wolf Willow Ravine

I started my hike at the Wolf Willow community hall, located on Wolf Willow Road just east of 170th street. From the playground area, the trail quickly descended into Wolf Willow Ravine on a paved multi-use trail. The path was pleasant and Wolf Willow Creek, while not spectacular, at least provides a natural respite for the surrounding suburb dwellers. The trail was short, only 600m or so, and came up on Wolf Ride Way. I doubled back and took a different path out of the ravine to Wolf Willow Road. I then followed a street route to Westridge Road and entered Patricia Ravine. At this point in the ravine, near its northern boundary, it is accessible from both north and south via a granular trail and short-length staircases. I took both staircases for the sake of completion, and to step up my workout.

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